Have you ever wanted to travel with your family but feel like it’s expensive, you’re too busy, or maybe it’s too difficult traveling with kids?

You are not alone. As average, working-class families with 9-5 jobs, school commitments, and limited vacation time, we get it! We understand how hard it can be to find the money, time, and resources to travel and plan epic adventures with a family.

We are expert family travelers and planners who are particularly passionate about the great outdoors and having meaningful family adventures that include fun and service. We have traveled all over the US and to over 50 countries combined, all on a limited budget and with limited vacation time. We also know a lot about outdoor gear and have spent years researching and testing the best and most affordable products on the market.

The internet can be overwhelming in finding the right information and resources, so we will show you how to make family travel more affordable, help you spend less time searching, and do what you want more: make unforgettable memories while traveling with your family.


We are the McEvoy’s, a family that craves outdoor adventures, beautiful landscapes and unique experiences! We aspire to teach our children that they can do hard things, love and respect the planet, and seek ways to give back. We also hope to teach our children that traveling is more than just fun adventures; it is a priceless education in learning more about the world around them, connecting with people of different cultures, and trying new things. Our goal one day is to travel the globe full-time exploring unfamiliar places, seeking enriching experiences and new outdoor adventures, and serving in impoverished communities.

Christina is a mother of two, lover of health and fitness, cancer survivor and advocate, eternal optimist, and aspiring motivational speaker.

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the VONS

We are the VONS. We are travelers, servants, and adventurers. For years we have been searching out friends and service opportunities around the globe. We believe that all humanity is one big family and that peace and love are the only thing that matter. Our goal is to teach our children to think different, to use nature as a tonic for health and healing, and to learn that all humans are connected in a beautiful family. We invite you to join our family on the adventure of a lifetime as we make connections, spread love, and create long-lasting memories.

Rachel is the mother of 5, lover of nature and yoga, depression and anxiety fighter, social entrepreneur, people lover, hippie at heart.